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In this article I am going to explain what is checking account. Checking account appears to be a special account of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, that is dedicated to keep money in safety, as well as for settlements and payments related to business activities. For individual entrepreneurs, a checking account is a convenient tool for doing business. Revenues are able to flow in to a checking account, it is easy to pay for goods and services (for example, rent), taxes and contributions to government funds.

In order to understand why an entrepreneur needs a checking account, let’s consider what it is used for. Current account allows its owner to take the proceeds to the bank and store it on a non-cash account. In addition to this they are able to accept cashless payment from partners and customers. Payment for goods, materials, rent, services provided by the business can be done easily. Also entrepreneurs are able to transfer salaries to employees on bank cards. How does a current account number look for an individual? There are 20 digits that contain certain information.

With checking account, you can do certain operations. Refilling is available. The client can deposit cash into his account through a bank cash desk or via an ATM. Terms of withdrawal largely depend on the tariff. Sometimes cash is issued only through the cashier, checkbook. In order to make a transfer, the account holder must create and send a payment order to the bank. Due to the great popularity of Internet banking, such transactions are increasingly performed online. Another way is to submit to the bank a payment order printed out on paper (this service will cost more). Examples of completed payments can be found on the website of almost every bank or in the online office. The bank establishes a fee for transfers to citizens. For convenient monthly payroll employees can connect a special package of services.

What should be done to open a checking account? The procedure is quite simple and fast in execution. An urgent opening of an account can take only a couple of days. Most financial institutions give the client the details of his new account after the submission of the application or after signing the contract. Account details can be communicated to partners.

It is easy to open a current account, and it is even easier to close it if necessary. Most banks do not charge for the closure of additional fees.

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